Our Story

Our story begins in 1888 on a brisk day in Yonkers, New York. John Reid, the father of American golf, invited some friends to a cow pasture to try out the new golf clubs he had recently purchased from Scotland. With an armful of clubs the friends set out to play on their makeshift three-hole course. They used a nearby apple tree as a makeshift clubhouse to hang their coats and flasks of whiskey.

Unbeknownst to them, this little “Apple Tree Gang” launched what would become the oldest, contiguously existing golf club in America, The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club. In keeping with the Apple Tree Gang’s passion for good times, good friends, and good golf, AppleTree Golf Societies has pioneered a new lifestyle for affluent golf enthusiasts to enjoy an abundance of stunning golf courses. By utilizing AppleTree’s Residence Membership program, members can enjoy and explore 20-30 of the best private golf clubs and 10 of the finest golf resorts throughout North America with a single membership.

Nathaniel Crosby

Letter from the Chairman

What an incredible time to organize the very best private golf clubs into a reciprocal residential network. The vast majority of the very best private golf courses in North America have been built in the last 10-15 years and many are relatively undiscovered.
AppleTree Golf Society will group these rank-worthy courses with well-known and famous golf resorts to form 13 intimate affluent travel societies, which will be self-sufficient and separate financial entities.
Each Regional Society will have a maximum of 96 members who will be accepted by invitation only, and will share 40 multi-million dollar residences within or near the participating private golf clubs and resorts.
AppleTree Golf Society is a significant refinement of the highly successful destination club model that became prominent between 1998-2007. This model stumbled during the economic downturn of 2008 and beyond. Prior to the unfortunate economic events, the destination club category proved to be an appreciated alternative to purchasing extra multi-million dollar homes by offering a multitude of destinations with a hands-free, repair-free, and management-free lifestyle.
Each Regional Society will include a unique selection of traditional seasonal migration destinations as well as nearby “drive-to” destinations for frequent weekend getaways. Each destination has been specifically selected and customized based on where prospective AppleTree Members live and where they like to travel from their primary residence.
Exclusivity is truly about math, and with just 96 members in each Regional Society, AppleTree will able to be discerning in accepting each and every member.
Founder Members will be hand-selected region to region. These Founder Members will, in turn, select the balance of 64 members over a 24-month period to exact the membership cap of 96 members. I believe this “peer to peer” approach will create like-minded groups of affluent golf enthusiasts who like to travel.
We hope, and expect, that true golf aficionados will appreciate a product where with one membership, they will have access to over 20 of the top private golf clubs and 10 well-known resorts in North America, and have a collection of multi-million dollar residences at their disposal in vacation and second home markets.
We look forward to presenting this new lifestyle to the AppleTree Members, their families, friends, and business associates.