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Introducing AppleTree Golf Society

in Executive Golfer Magazine

Organizing the Best Golf for the Ultra Affluent

JUPITER, FLORIDA: Inspired by the original Apple Tree Gang in New York, Nathaniel Crosby founded AppleTree Golf Society, a golf membership program providing access to a network of over 20 rank-worthy private golf clubs and 10 renowned resorts throughout North America. “With so many incredible golf projects being launched prior to the recession of 2007, the timing to create a product with ‘meaningful residential reciprocity’ became obvious,” explained Crosby. READ MORE >

AppleTree Golf Society

in Executive Golfer Magazine

A Celebrated Network of the Best Golf

JUPITER, FLORIDA: From 1998 to 2007 an incredible amount of private golf clubs were built. It’s the contention of AppleTree Management Group that 95 percent of the very best golf in existence was built during this time and that many of these courses are undiscovered and underutilized. These courses truly created a golf course renaissance and AppleTree Management is organizing a residential network with these new undiscovered private golf clubs along with well-known famous golf resorts. READ MORE >

AppleTree Golf Society

in Executive Golfer Magazine

In His Own Words

JUPITER, FLORIDA: “The very best of golf has been built in just the past 15 years. Our company, AppleTree Golf Society, is organ-izing a residential network of top private and resort golf clubs in sec-ond and vacation home markets. Many of these are relatively undis-covered and compare favorably to the great courses from yesteryear. “A generation ago, these clubs would have commanded waiting lists. Now, through our innovative partnerships, we provide access to truly some of golf’s finest. READ MORE >

AppleTree Golf Society

in Executive Golfer Magazine

In Focus

JUPITER, FLORIDA: The great Florentine Renaissance historian, diplomat, and philosopher, Niccolò Machiavelli wrote in his book The Prince, “It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out . . . than to initiate a new order of things.” For generations, affluent families typically purchased seasonal residences and multiple private club memberships. AppleTree Management Group, the managing company of AppleTree Golf Society, through a diligent process of altering bylaws at private golf clubs, is attempting to change the order of how these well-to-do families spend their leisure time. READ MORE >

AppleTree Golf Society

in Executive Golfer Magazine

Perfect Timing

JUPITER, FLORIDA: The AppleTree Golf Society is organizing 13 separate regional golf societies. Each of the 13 societies will have a membership cap of 96 members; have access to 40 multimillion-dollar residences; and will be financially independent of one another, but will have reciprocal rights within 28 days of the day of arrival. In total there is projected to be approximately 25 rank-worthy private golf clubs and 10 acclaimed resorts that will have associated multimillion-dollar properties. Members from each society will have access to their primary network of properties for up to 14 weeks of advanced reservations and an unlimited amount of access to all of the properties in the universal network within 28 days of the day of arrival. READ MORE >

Nathaniel's Book Featured in

The New York Times Bestseller

Nathaniel's book "18 Holes With Bing" made it to the #8 position for the New York Times Bestseller list for June 2016 READ MORE >

Book Excerpt

A: Crooner, Caddies &Kings

Bing Crosby's son tells tales of a legend who was no snob when it came to his golf.

Bing Crosby, or dad to me, was the most popular entertainer in the world in his day, a day that lasted the better part of five decades. In 1977, the last year of his life, he was still selling out shows in London and New York City. "Just imagine something five times stronger than the popularity of Elvis Presley and the Beatles put together," Tony Bennett said in 1999. Dad's influence spanned generations. The Beatles' first hit single, "Please Please Me," was inspired in part by a line in one of Dad's songs... READ MORE >

18 Holes with Bing:

Golf, Life and Lessons from Dad

The Book Reporter review

The way that Bing Crosby chose to bond with his son, Nathaniel, was on the golf course. Not surprisingly, the boy enjoyed the attention and took to the links as enthusiastically as his famous father. In this gentle paean to Bing, Nathaniel, with sportswriter John Strege, recalls growing up with a dad who, as The Times of London once stated, was a singer more listened to than “any mortal in human history” --- but who was just about as happy playing a round of golf. READ MORE >